Are you posting videos to Instagram but not getting the kind of traction you thought you would?

Big companies have large staff, specialized departments and big marketing budgets; but you cant afford all that!


The solution is simple:

Learn video editing and social media marketing techniques from the professionals. This one-day intensive course is taught by a group of highly qualified professionals with  impeccable track records, years of experience and international accreditation. Today they have come together to give back and spark the type of  growth needed to transform your business and Jamaica..

All you need is a laptop and some enthusiasm to master the skills you need to take your business to the next level, learn to create compelling videos with the content from your smartphone, and Learn the art of editing like a pro from the pros. With insights and tips on monetizing your web presence, this workshop will teach you how to make videos that actually make money on your social channels.

We guarantee that by the end of this workshop you will be able to create engaging videos to grow your online presence.

Take advantage of our special introductory rate of JA $15,000 by signing up today!

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