Gimme Likkle One Drop

With over 1 million YouTube views since its release in March of 2013, Tarrus Riley’s Gimme Likkle One Drop music video has been defined as being reminiscent of the positive energy currently pulsating throughout Jamaica. The video’s director, Nisha Rebel, describes the piece as having a very “feel good, Irie, Jamaican feel.”

Shot on location at the Kingston Dub Club, which is home to Gabre Selassie’s Sunday night dub sessions, saw cameos from some of the young faces leading what is known as the Reggae Revival Movement. The video features young roots reggae artistes such as No-Maddz, Kelissa, Kabaka Pyramid, and Micah Shemaiah, among several others.

Though the video’s feel good vibe was captured in its scenes of young people getting together to dance and have a good time while appreciating the messages being communicated through the music, a concept written and directed by Nisha Rebel, the behind-the-scenes atmosphere was much more fast-paced and demanding.

“I had no idea that much work went into shooting a video before that day,” said DSE intern Enoch as he reflected on his experience on set. Another DSE intern, Travis, compared his time on set to running a marathon, describing it as “non-stop action…really tiring, but rewarding in the end.”

Special thanks to Kush Asher, Nisha Rebel, Tarrus Riley and the Blak Soil Band, Fareye Films, Gabre Selassie, No-maddz, Kelissa, Kabaka Pyramid, Micah Shemaiah, Sevanna and everyone who helped to make the production of the Gimme Likkle One Drop music video a possibility.

Project Details

  • Director: Nisha Rebel
  • Post-Production: DSE

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